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Christmas Tree Ornament Bundle

Christmas Tree Ornament Bundle



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Christmas traditions are the ultimate way to celebrate during the holiday season. Your family may travel to see homes decorated with lights, make gingerbread houses with Grandma, or decorate the tree with Bing Crosby playing on the radio. Young Living wants to be a part of those beloved traditions, and we’re giving you an opportunity to give back!

Throughout this season of giving, you can order the Christmas Tree Ornament Bundle, which includes a 5-ml bottle of Pine essential oil and Christmas Spirit™ essential oil blend, plus a beautiful oil-diffusing ornament. This product is particularly special because 50 cents from each bundle purchased will be donated to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. If all available bundles are purchased, the Foundation can use that money to provide 10,000 malaria nets through Healing Faith Uganda , 5,000 pairs of shoes through Sole Hope, or build 10 homes in Nepal.

Order this product early so you can receive it in time for Christmas. This holiday season, Young Living is grateful for you and your support of our mission and the life-saving work of the Foundation. We hope you enjoy the magical smells of Christmas and a new family-favorite ornament!

How to Use

Christmas Tree Ornament: Trim the tree with this oil-diffusing ornament! Designed with a festive snowflake pattern, this glass orb includes an essential oil basin and diffuser sticks to help you spread your favorite scents of the season. Add Pine or Christmas Spirit™ for traditional seasonal aromas.

This product is easy to use. Inside the box, you will find five wooden sticks that fit perfectly into the top of the ornament. Simply add the essential oil of your choice into the top of the ornament, which will allow the wooden sticks to slowly absorb the oil while simultaneously diffusing the oil into the air. It’s the perfect way to make your artificial Christmas tree smell like it’s straight from the outdoors!

This ornament diffuser can go through quite a bit of oil in a short period of time, so we recommend experimenting with the number of oil drops you prefer, especially at first. It is also important to note that this ornament is made of glass. If you have small children, it’s a good idea to place it out of reach of little hands.

Christmas Spirit*: One of Young Living’s most popular blends, Christmas Spirit combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Black Spruce essential oils for a sweet scent that captures the cheer and comfort of holidays past, present, and future. Besides using it in your diffusing Christmas Tree Ornament, here are some additional tips for using Christmas Spirit:

  • Add a drop to Christmas cards to inspire your loved ones with scents of the season.
  • Diffuse Christmas Spirit to fill your home with its comforting scent. Be sure to use any light features on your diffuser to bring a little extra magic to your décor.
  • Diffuse Christmas Spirit in your car while you listen to your favorite holiday songs.
  • Make a homemade air freshener with a 2-ounce spray bottle filled with water and 5 drops of Christmas Spirit. Spray it on curtains, pillows, linens, and more to greet your holiday guests when they arrive.

*Christmas Spirit is a photosensitive oil. Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after application to skin.

Pine: The sweet, woodsy scent of Pine essential oil makes it a must in any home this time of year. Its grounding aroma instantly recalls memories of sledding down hills and buying fresh Christmas trees, which makes it a nostalgic, aromatic addition to your tree’s decorations with the diffusing Christmas Tree Ornament. Read below for more ways to incorporate Pine into your holiday traditions:

  • Make your home as fresh as a forest with help from Pine essential oil. Diffuse it throughout the house to complement your real or artificial tree.
  • Make homemade tree ornaments with the whole family and add Pine. Check out the Young Living Blog for an easy, kid-friendly tutorial!
  • Add Pine to bath, soaps, and lotions for an energizing and inspiring lift.

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