Use these tools in your Young Living Business-Building!

Young Living Essential Oils
Use these tools in your business-building!

Sharing the Young Living business opportunity just got a major upgrade! With new tools and updates, there are more ways than ever to ignite conversations about Young Living and elevate your business!

We’re focused on providing you with tools and updates that will give you an extra boost as you work hard to build and grow your business. In our initial exciting launch of tools, you’ll find:

  • New member types
  • 2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement
  • Essential Rewards subscription

New Member Types

For the first time ever, we’re introducing two new Young Living member types in the United States: Preferred Customers and Business Builders!

  • Preferred Customer (U.S. definition): A Young Living member who hasn’t personally enrolled another person but loves our high-quality products and exclusive member benefits. Once a Preferred Customer personally enrolls another person, they become a Business Builder at the Distributor rank. Preferred Customers in the U.S. may or may not have provided a tax identification number.
  • Business Builder: Members who have personally enrolled other individuals and who enjoy our compensation plan benefits, high-quality products, exclusive member benefits, and rank-specific perks. U.S. members automatically become Business Builders when they personally enroll at least one other individual.

With these new ways to be a part of the Young Living family, it’s easier than ever for people to experience the life-changing benefits of Young Living! As ever, anyone can enjoy products backed by our Seed to Seal® quality commitment by becoming a Retail Customer without ever signing up for a membership. For those who want to enjoy exclusive pricing, educational resources, and more, enrolling as a member provides countless benefits.

The best news for enrolling members is that choosing between becoming a Preferred Customer or a Business Builder doesn’t happen at enrollment! By purchasing a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and enrolling, a new member will have 11 of our most popular essential oils to help them get started; their personal journey with Young Living will help them organically find their path as a Preferred Customer or Business Builder. Plus, only one qualifying order a year after enrolling with a PSK gives Young Living members lifetime access to exclusive member pricing and other benefits!

Check out the benefits of each member type:

Preferred Customer
  • No ordering obligations
  • Freedom to buy any product, anytime
  • No inventory required
  • Access to educational resources
  • Members-only discounts and promotions
  • Exclusive member pricing—24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products
  • Automatically become a Business Builder by personally enrolling at least one other person
Business Builder
  • All the benefits enjoyed by Preferred Customers
  • Opportunity to participate in Young Living’s generous compensation plan
  • Recognition for talent and hard work at retreats held in beautiful locations around the world

Most Young Living members say they fell in love with our products long before they decided to turn that love into a business. These new member types allow people to share their love for Young Living in ways that feel natural and take into account individual needs and situations. Look for these new member types in upcoming business opportunity enhancement efforts, including the 2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement, at, and in the Member Types FAQ today. You can also get a fresh take on the new member types by reading our post on the Young Living Blog!

2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement

You need up-to-date numbers to keep your business on track, and we know that building your business in an honest and transparent way is as important to you as it is to us. That’s why we’re providing you with the 2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement.

We’ve updated the document to give you the most recent global data. Now this tool provides the information you’re required to use in an easy-to-understand format, so sharing the YL opportunity is easier than ever! Refresh your memory on the specific times you’re required to use the IDS by reviewing Section 5.3.2 of the Young Living Policies and Procedures in Member Resources in Virtual Office.
It’s simple to glean the critical information in this fresh new document, but that’s not the only great thing about this update! You’ll love learning more about YL and finding ways to integrate this key information into your business-building! Some highlights from this year’s IDS:
  • Did you know that more than 89 percent of Young Living members are loyal product users, now known as Preferred Customers? These are members who are solely purchasing product but not participating in YL’s business opportunity.
  • Our members love ER! Preferred Customers in our Essential Rewards subscription program received more than $94.5 million in ER points toward future product purchases!
  • We are building strong foundations. Young Living pays out nearly 50 percent of PV-commissionable sales to Business Builders; this year our goal is to pay $1 billion in commissions!
  • Members are working hard to build their businesses! On average, it takes six months from the time people reach Senior Star to rank up to Executive, and then seven months to rank from Executive to Silver.

We’ve changed the game with the 2017 Worldwide IDS. When you and your team use it as you share Young Living with others, the combination of compelling data and graphics is going to stick. Even if potential members are only interested in purchasing product in the beginning, the statistics in this disclosure will not be quickly forgotten. With so many individuals looking to supplement their income, to find freedom through work-life balance, and to discover purpose-driven work, Young Living provides a rewarding option as a fulfilling side gig or as a full-time business. Plus, with an Essential Rewards subscription, members will receive additional benefits and monthly products, putting them one step closer to whole-life wellness.

You can start using the updated Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement now. You’ll also find these updates in our new Young Living Lifestyle booklet! Remember to use this important information with your teams and as you build your business; review the IDS FAQ for more information!

Essential Rewards Subscription

Have you signed up for Essential Rewards (ER)? If so, you know that we have referred to this as an autoship program in the past—but it’s so much more than that! We want you and members to be able to share the benefits of ER in the easiest way possible, so we’ve updated the language to accurately reflect what Essential Rewards really is.

We’ve changed the name of this popular plan to the Essential Rewards subscription program. It’s a subtle but important difference. The Essential Rewards subscription program has all the same great benefits, but now the name helps people better understand what they’re signing up for! While “autoshipment” might sound like it’s only about receiving product every month (it’s always been so much more!), “subscription” includes benefits of all kinds. Members will receive monthly shipments, points to use toward future purchases, loyalty gifts, access to YL Go, and much more when they enroll in the Essential Rewards subscription program.
We’ve updated our most popular ER materials to reflect this change and will continue to make changes in all of them in the coming months. You’ll also see that we’ve mentioned the ER subscription program in the 2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement to help guide conversations about this exciting Young Living program with potential new members. Find out more about this change when you read our ER Subscription FAQ.
These new tools, along with updates to the way we talk about being part of the Young Living family, are empowering; they provide all of us ways to speak more authentically about what Young Living means to us. Use these tools to help share your Young Living story today!

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