Practical Uses of the Personality Colors for Your Team w/ Sarah Adamo

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Practical Uses of the Personality Colors for Your Team w/ Sarah Adamo

Personality colors. Are you a red, blue, yellow, or green? The driver, the party on 2 legs, the helper, and the researcher. (If you don’t know, take the test HERE.

Knowing your personality color type is helpful in understanding what drives you and your natural tendencies. You can play on your strengths and be consciously aware of your weaknesses. You can also use the colors to deepen relationships with your team and not get frustrated because you’ll understand how someone is wired. Why? Because the root of conflict is almost ALWAYS due to misunderstanding between people.
But knowing your color is fine and dandy, but HOW do you practically apply the knowledge in your life? Identifying you and your team’s colors is step one, but taking the colors to the next level and applying them can be a little confusing.

This Monday we are fortunate to have on Sarah Adamo. Since her husband’s passing in April this year, she has carried on with Full Spectrum Communication to help YOU build teams with great culture & communication!

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to sponsor people that balance your team so that your leaders compliment your color and leading style.
  2. Probing questions to ask to give you insight into a prospect’s color type that lead them to enrolling with ease.
  3. If someone can have more than one color as their primary.
  4. When presenting to a group, how to incorporate materials that will motivate and keep the interest of all colors.
  5. Improving the relationship with your spouse and children speaking to their personality type in a way they will understand.

TIME: 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, 8 pm EST

Call: (605) 472-5814 PIN 185086412#


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