Official Update on Young Living Policy Changes

Important Update
Check out the changes! We’re happy to let you know that we are publishing updates to our Policies and Procedures, going into effect on August 1. With information about inheriting accounts and allowing spouses and partners to have separate accounts, we’re confident that the updates will help you build a stronger, more sustainable business, and that they will continue to help Young Living members set themselves apart as some of the industry’s most ethical business-builders. Please review these updated policies before they go into effect on August 1.
These updates are now available in Virtual Office for all markets, except Indonesia, which will receive the Policies and Procedures at a later date. The next time you sign in to Virtual Office, you will be prompted to read and accept the updates before you can proceed. You can find the updated Policies and Procedures in the VO under Member Resources > Policies in the first column. In the same section, you’ll find FAQs with the most notable updates, as well as a helpful infographic and other materials that highlight some of the biggest changes.
Here are a few of the most important updates:
  • There are more details regarding how orphan accounts are assigned through Young Living’s Sponsor Placement Program. (Section 12.1.3)
  • Members now have 30 days—instead of 20—to change sponsors after enrollment. (Section 12.1.1)
  • Members are allowed to have an interest in another account they receive through inheritance under certain circumstances and with certain restrictions. (Section 3.4)
  • Beginning August 1, members and their spouse/partner are allowed to have separate accounts as long as the second account is sponsored as a first or second level of the other partner’s account. (Section 3.4)
  • Young Living’s privacy policy has been modified, so we can share personal information with carefully selected companies we believe may be of interest. Members have the choice to opt out of sharing their information. (Section 3.17)
  • Members are now required to maintain a rank for at least three months in a row before they are recognized at that rank for the first time. This policy goes into effect on August 1. (Section 3.19)
  • Members will not be granted an exclusive territory, nor will they be required to pay franchise fees; Young Living reserves the right to sell products through any sales channel. (Section 3.20)
  • There’s a clarification on the way that members are allowed to use Young Living’s brand and copyrighted images. This includes a restriction on using Young Living’s trademarks in online paid marketing programs. (Section 5.1-6)
  • Members have been prohibited from showing checks in advertising and claiming that a Young Living business will lead to luxurious lifestyle, and/or wealth. (Section 5.3.2)
  • There is clarification and an extension of the non-permissible methods for soliciting Young Living members to other business ventures. (Section 3.12.2)
  • There is a modification to our non-compete agreement to allow all non-Diamond ranking members to be a part of most other multilevel marketing companies. (Section 3.12.3)
  • There is a prohibition for Diamond-ranking members from being part of any other multilevel marketing company. (Section 3.12.3)
  • We’ve added a restriction on reselling in California and an indemnification for resulting harm. (Section 6.2) U.S. only*
  • Clarification has been added for the requirements to become a Professional Account. (Section 3.3) U.S. only*
  • The definition of cross-line recruiting has been expanded, including what constitutes the training of others on cross-line recruiting and the prohibition of encouraging and facilitating others to join other organizations. (Section 3.12.5)
  • Members will be required to pay Young Living’s attorney’s fees in the event that the member is successfully sued for violation of the online sales restriction. (Section 5.8) U.S. only*
  • There has been an addition of a class action waiver. (Section 13.2.5) U.S. only*

Please review the full U.S. Policies and Procedures, as well as this FAQ outlining the most notable changes.

Thank you for taking the time to understand these updates! Make sure to get in-depth knowledge by reading the full update in the Virtual Office. If you or your team have questions about the new Policies and Procedures, please contact the Conduct Success team at
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*These items affect the U.S. Policies and Procedures only and do not exist in versions outside the U.S.
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