New partner farm joins Young Living!

New partner farm joins Young Living!

Let’s all give a big welcome to one of Young Living’s newest partner farms: the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery. With offices located in the Cape Town, South Africa, region and more than 29,000 acres of farmland all over Africa, this new farm is going to pack a big punch for Young Living. Amanzi Amahle will help provide some of your favorite household essential oils, including Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Radiata, Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon!

We’re proud to join with the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery because of their 35 years of experience in sustainable growing practices for essential oil botanicals. They boast an extensive farming network and have massive potential for new crop development, which allows them to grow with Young Living as we become a $2 billion and beyond company!

It’s important to us that wherever we put down roots, we’re bolstering and supporting the local community. Young Living is excited about this farm’s commitment to socially conscious principles!

The soil our botanicals will be grown in is of the utmost quality. At the Amanzi Amahle Farm, most of the weed control is done by hand, and they proudly practice Seed to Seal® sustainability by scattering leftover spent leaf biomass back into the land, among other sustainability methods. Of course, all aspects of the process—from planting to distillation—are monitored and maintained through their quality control practices and testing; an independent audit also ensures that the essential oils produced meet our strict Seed to Seal standards.

With their steady supply of your favorite oils and conscientious sourcing you can feel good about, we are thrilled to have the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery join with us to deliver high-quality essential oils to families across the globe!

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