MONDAY NIGHT WEBINAR Using Incentives & Promotions To Help Get People Enrolled & On ER w/ YL Platinum Marco Gentile

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Using Incentives & Promotions To Help Get People Enrolled & On ER w/ YL Platinum Marco Gentile

Thought about using promos to help your volume grow but you’re overwhelmed and not sure what to do? There are A LOT of people offering ideas for promos but they haven’t been proven to get long lasting results. WORSE, they are a big waste of money.

Retired VP of Research & Development and now Young Living Platinum is a genius at creating incentives and promotions to get members started and also enrolled into Essential Rewards. Marco and his wife Connie are building in the Philippines which is a tough and very competitive market. They have had to be very creative to expand in that market, which they are going to share with you on the call!

Oh, we’re also going to talk about Highland Valor! What is it, how it came about, and why would you want to use it.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What the most effective ways are to get people on Essential Rewards right from the moment of enrollment.
  2. How to turn around the phase, “I cannot afford it” to “Yes, I’d love to enroll!”.
  3. When on a budget, how to give wonderful incentives without going broke.
  4. How to make Highland Valor, and how is it different than REGULAR Valor.
  5. Advice to distributors that are thinking about building markets outside of the United States.


TIME: 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, 8 pm EST

Call: (415) 930-5321 PIN 395-056-600#


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