Important Updates, Changes to our YL Product line!

Changes to our product line!

There’s no question that the global Young Living family is deeply passionate about our products and about their potential to transform lives for the better. It’s that passion that has driven Young Living’s incredible growth around the world—and there are no signs of slowing down!

It is this passion that also drives our philosophy of continuous improvement. We know that because you rely on pure, essential oil-infused products in every part of your daily life, you need effective, carefully formulated products that truly deliver on our Seed to Seal® quality commitment. As such, sometimes it becomes necessary to discontinue products.

We discontinue products because:

  • We develop improved formulas as new technology and wellness research emerge.
  • They are no longer sustainable from a production or compliance standpoint.
  • Too many items in production can increase the potential for out-of-stock products.

As we work to enhance and improve the Young Living product line, we are clearing the way to manage our product offerings more effectively, to continue innovating, and to better support your whole-life wellness. A dynamic product line also empowers you to share Young Living more effectively, allowing you to focus on sharing our most advanced, popular, and efficacious products.

Below is a list of the products that Young Living will retire. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you and your teams will find new favorites in our suggested replacements!


  • USB Diffuser, White; USB Diffuser, Pink
    • We have reduced available colors to the two most popular.
    • Suggested replacements: USB Diffuser, Black; USB Diffuser, Purple
  • Travel Fan Diffuser
    • Out of stock for a year, this diffuser has been superseded by more popular and convenient portable options.
    • Suggested replacements: Orb Diffuser, USB Diffuser
  • Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser
    • Currently out of stock, the Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser has been discontinued to make room for new models with enhanced features.
    • Suggested replacements: Dewdrop Diffuser, Desert Mist Diffuser
  • AromaDome™
    • This product sold too few units to keep in production.
    • The AromaDome is still available through Julie Chertow at

Topical/Aromatic Essential Oils
Because they’re more commonly used internally, the following oils are now available only in the Vitality line:

Supplements and Personal Care
These products have been discontinued at Gary’s request. Be sure to order them while supplies last!

  • BLM™ Powder
    • BLM’s benefits have been available in two formulas: powder and capsules. Because the capsules are more convenient and are preferred by members, we are discontinuing the powder form.
    • Suggested alternatives: AgilEase, BLM capsules
  • Sulfurzyme® Powder
    • Sulfurzyme’s benefits have been available in two formulas: powder and capsules. Because the capsules are more convenient and have much higher demand, we are discontinuing the powder form.
    • Suggested alternative: Sulfurzyme capsules
  • Estro™
    • Estro’s benefits are mirrored by Progessence Plus™. Because this product is more popular, Estro has become unsustainable for production support.
    • Suggested alternatives: Progessence Plus or Phyto Plus, internationally
  • Blue Agave Natural Sweetener
    • This has been discontinued due to low demand and increased availability of Blue Agave in local markets.
    • Suggested replacement: Yacon Syrup
  • JuvaSpice®
    • JuvaPower combines spices, essential oils, and plant extracts for an all-purpose seasoning that supports wellness. Because this product is so similar and more popular, JuvaSpice has been discontinued.
    • Suggested replacement: JuvaPower

Many of these discontinuing products are still in stock; show them some love and get yours today!

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